Spartan is a Way of Life.

Born in the green and sandy mountains of Vermont in 2007 thanks to Joe DeSena, a world-class adventure runner, Spartan is a state of mind and has become the best obstacle course in the world.

Raw Resistant. Passionate Spartans are not soft. Spartans overcome obstacles. And yes, the Spartans make burpees.

Spartan Race is innovating obstacle races on a global scale. With more than 200 races and in more than 42 countries around the world, we offer different experiences, each one intensifying the distance, the amount of obstacles and the difficulty of challenging the race. The Spartan Stadion (+ 5K with +20 obstacles inside a stadium or enclosure). The Spartan Sprint (+5K with +20 obstacles), the Spartan Super (+10K with +25 obstacles) and the Spartan Beast (+21K with +30 obstacles). The competitions are full of distinctive obstacles: mud, barbed wire, walls, ropes and fire. Challenge yourself to complete all three and be part of the tribe TRIFECTA .

We also offer cares for children from 4 to 13 years old with distances ranging from 500 meters to + 2K And for those who are looking to work harder, we have the Hurricane Heat (Spartan-style military training ), as well as the distance Ultra (+ 50K with +60 obstacles).

On the other hand, if you want to escape from the asphalt and reconnect with nature, we also have for you the Spartan Trail, where there are no armed obstacles (other than logs, stones and slopes that are naturally on the road), this because we think that such Maybe you’re an Asphalt runner looking for a change, maybe you’re bored of the sound of the treadmill, or maybe you’re already an avid trail runner looking for outdoor experiences and epic trails to conquer. Whatever your situation, Spartan Trail is here to take you to the next level, offering to take you to wild places, to connect with nature, to run from your routine.

Spartan is the world’s best obstacle race. Period.